The Collective 4


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The Collective4's Flux exhibition creates an evolving gallery space where over a series of rotations, the exhibition will be continuously reconfigured to another facet of display. The word 'Flux' encompasses the aims of change and transformation, layering and evolution. Focusing on a process of metamorphose, the shifting dynamics create new meaning. How does each artwork speak on its own, and as a collective? Is the whole just as important as the sum of its parts? The Collective4 aims to challenge the use of curation as a method and as an art form.

The Collective4 is a student-led curatorial art group consisting of four Nottingham Trent fine art students: Vivienne Du, Joanna Hooper, Taela Maskell and Hannah Presswell. The group focuses on forging new relationships and dialogues between media and disciplines within Art & Design, collaborating between courses to showcase the best of NTU talent.

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