Robert Allen (Socket)


Artist Statement.
Since my childhood I have had an interest in mechanical devices. As a small boy I had the usual Dinky toys and Meccano but then I was given a quantity of Plasticine with which I modeled a world of make believe based upon machines.

As a young man I studied Engineering and this interest in machines developed into wanting to find out how they worked in detail. So I soon became more interested in what was happening underneath the bonnet of the car rather than the image of the car itself.

As well as Engineering I have also been interested in art and in 2010 took my BA in Fine Art at the University of Nottingham. As my art studies progressed I started to incorporate my interest in machines into my art practice.

The process I currently use is lino printing either single layer or multi layered. The multi-layered prints use one or two top layers of semi-transparent paper over a thicker base layer. Images are printed on all layers but the effect of the layering is to achieve a variation in the depth of field and an almost ghostlike feel to the finished product.

My current theme is a series of single layered prints celebrating Classic paintings by Landseer and Picasso but constructed out of images of bicycle parts to give them a new interpretation.



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