Uta Feinstein


I am interested in the binary oppositions of control/chance, disorder/order, positive/negative space, flux/stasis, instability/stability, uncertainty/certainty etc.. I explore the struggle for hierarchy and the in-between areas of these dichotomies, that sometimes resolve, at other times remain ambiguous, in contradictory tension.

Unpremeditated images convey emotions and fragments of personal experience and my response to life’s (un)certainties. The images evolve in an exploratory, searching process, tapping into my subconscious by using touch and ‘blind’, surrealist-inspired automatic drawing to access my creative impulses and allow free associations and improvisation/intuition followed by subsequent conscious editing.

Spontaneous gestures intersect or collide with the rational and controlled and the real world. What seems predictable becomes disrupted, elements of certainty subverted, structures disintegrate. Ambiguity and indeterminacy, allusions to oppositional forces raise questions about stable meaning, our drive for control and certainties, leaving the images open-ended, full of possibilities.

Contradictory, disruptive elements question these hierarchies, overturning, corrupting or ‘contaminating’ the opposition or intervening in a field of ‘contest’, potentially displacing one or the other. The elusive, cryptic abstractions manifest a quest, speak of the intangible, psychological and emotional response. They speak of constant flux, unresolved transitory states that cannot conform to either side of a dichotomy or opposition.

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