Anne Jacob


Anne JacobI am fascinated with structures and landscapes belonging to a past age. My inspiration for this work is a 19th century wrought iron viaduct, straddling the Erewash valley in South East Derbyshire. My initial attention was captured by its blatant ornateness and complexity, compared to its present day surroundings. The viaduct is symbolic of the Victorian industrial revolution and the human qualities of those who conceived and built it. It is also emblematic of the aggressive mining activities in this area.

I aim to communicate the qualities of the viaduct in my work - its strength, tension, massiveness, delicacy, deterioration and obscurity. By using experimental approaches I also hope to express other less tangible and comprehensible qualities. I have used several media to pursue these aims, included printing, collage and digital photography. In each case the media dictated the mood and cadence of the work.

Showing with the University of Nottingham's BA Fine Art:

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